Sylvie Marie (b. Tielt, Belgium, 1984) is a Flemish writer/poet living in Ghent, Belgium. She is the author of four poetry collections: Zonder(Without), Toen je me ten huwelijk vroeg (When you asked me to marry you), Altijd een raam (Always a window) and Houdingen (Positions). As for prose, Speler X(Player X) was published in 2013, a football-novel she co-authored. Very regularly, she publishes in literary magazines and her poems are translated into quite a few languages. She has won several poetry slams and likes experimenting on stage and interacting with the audience. She has performed on attics, in cellars, in castles and stables, on boats and on islands, on the stages of rock festivals and in intimate rendez-vous hotel rooms. In 2017, she was awarded the Literature Prize from the province of East Flanders, Belgium. 

Marie teaches writing courses in the art academies of in Ghent, Tielt and Ypres and is editor of the Flemish literary magazine Deus ex Machina. For the moment, she’s busy writing her second novel and publishing cut-up poetry on Instagram. 

“Sylvie Marie is a piece of jewelry for poetry”


 “Sylvie Marie writes poetry for readers. A lot of readers.”

Jury Herman de Coninckprize